Indie ReCon is On! SEO/ Metadata/ Keyword Research for Authors

OK, so—today I am participating in an online literary
conference. I wrote two posts for it, and they are both live as of NOW, so I’m
actually not cheating on my resolution to write every day of 2013.   You should definitely go over there and
check out IndieReCon.  There is some
awesome information over there, PLUS they are giving away free stuff all day.   DO IT!


Here are the excerpts:


Importance of SEO and
Metatagging, Part 1 by Lori Culwell


Part I: 
Keyword Research

If you’re a writer,
you write all the time, right?   You’ve got your book (or books) out,
you’re updating a blog on a regular basis, and you’ve got some kind of social
media presence, and your website is up to date.

These are the things
I’m assuming you have, because they are the basics you need to be a writer in
2013.  Writers are creative types, but they also need to be
organized.  I wrote a whole book that walks writers through doing this,
step by step.   However you get there, you need to have some kind of
network going where people can get to know your writing, buy your work (if you
have some to sell), and get in touch with you to offer you multi-million dollar
book deals. 

The bulk of the work is going to be done by
you.  Today, I’m just going to tell you about a couple of things you could
(should) be doing to make it more possible for people to find your work.  Read the full post, comment, and enter the


Here is the second post:


SEO and Metatagging
Part II
:  Where to Put Keywords!

 Now that you’ve done
your keyword research (and wasn’t it so interesting?), you’ll need to go back
and put these keywords into your website so that the search engines will
associate your site with these words, with the ultimate goal of having your
site pop up when people Google those words.  The words are the demand,
your site is the supply.  Got it?

These instructions are
for people with sites based on WordPress, which gives you the easiest access to
your metadata.  If your site was built using html, you will need to
actually crack open the back-end with a program like Dreamweaver or have your
designer/ developer do it for you.  This is another reason I recommend
that authors switch over to WordPress. (.org, not .com). 

To put your keywords into your site, you’ll need
an SEO plugin…..   
Read the whole post
at the IndieReCon website

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