Indie ReCon is On! SEO/ Metadata/ Keyword Research for Authors (Part 2)

IRCHeader6Just an update today—the IndieReCon conference is still
going on, my giveaway is going to close in about eight hours, and generally speaking, people are
asking great questions and saying nice things to me about my posts, so that’s
always good.  I’ve answered all the
questions people have posted so far, and will continue to do so at least
through the end of the conference today. 
As you might know, I’m on a life mission to make complicated concepts
more simple and accessible and to provide tangible action steps that can be
taken right away.  


Here are my two posts, again:


Here are some of the nice things people said about my
IndieReCon entries, in case you need more enticement to go over there and read


“I’m going to do my first keyword search right
now! Thank you for this helpful post!”


“Lori, this information is so phenomenal. Thank
you for sharing it. I have been completely clueless about SEO. I just signed
into free keywords and am already starting to feel enlightened. THANK YOU!!!!!”


And, the nicest Tweet of the day:  

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 2.17.53 PM  So nice!!!  Thanks Ali!!


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