1.  Here is the free report, “Six Ways to Improve Your Small Business.”
2.  If you have your site on WordPress, I like “WordPress Pop Up Plugin.” It’s free and you can search for/ find it in the “Plugins” section.   Also, if they see a pop up they like on someone else’s site, you can use http://whatwpthemeisthat.com to figure out which one it is.
3. Standard open rate for retail is 18.1%.  You should experiment with headlines/ content until you beat that!  Also, it is very helpful to “clean” your list every couple of months, meaning delete anyone who has never opened an email from you.  This makes your open rate go up and increases your “deliverability” metric for Google.
4.  Here is a headline swipe file (not mine, but useful if you’re struggling with email subject lines:  Headline Swipe File-2
5.  Here is an article I did on how to best use Fiverr:  http://www.bookpromotion.com/ways-cut-self-publishing-costs/
6.  Here are some resources for making video presentations:  http://compelling.tv
7.  Here is a super awesome tutorial on Facebook ads/ promoted posts:  http://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2014/01/30/facebook-advertising-tips